Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gaming 201

As I posted on before, my friend Shogun and I have made it our mission (well, more his mission than mine as he is better than me and has a bit more time) to try and assert our dominance over the 12 year old boys that populate the internet through video games.  The current push is through NCAA Football '11.  Like I said before, Shogun has previously played and beaten the #2 player in the world on PSN.  They had a rematch recently, which Shogun was going to win until his opponent, Pr0fess0rSea6592, pulled a huge bitch move and cut his internet so he wouldn't get a loss on his record.  We know have the full condensed game online, so everyone interested in football play can watch and get a good idea how to win games through clock control and running the ball.  Far too many players feel the need to go 4 or 5 wide in the shotgun and run the hurry-up.  Why?  What is the point of getting down the field as fast as possible?  It seems they don't realize that the faster they score, the sooner their opponent gets the ball back.  My only guess is that their defense is so bad that they need to have as many possessions as possible, in the hopes that the opponent will throw more interceptions than they do.  With a powerful running game, you can limit your opponent to 3 or 4 possessions for the entire game.  You have full control of the pace of the game.  To watch the video and see lesson in clock control, follow the link below and follow shogunson's channel on youtube.

Again, for an explanation of what happens at the end of the game, shogunson explains it here:

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