Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Online Gaming Cheap Shots

So my boy shogunson and I are pretty avid online video game players, which could be expected from a couple men in their early 20's.  The games we play are varied, but the majority of it falls into NCAA Football 2011 and CoD MW3.  As with most gamers, the more time we spend on time we spend online, the more, for lack of a better word, bullshit, we encounter.  shogunson has taken it upon himself to record and share some of the game glitches and dirty tricks other players pull, in order to help educate others to beware of such shenanigans. I'll obviously bump his stuff here.

In our latest quest to prove our dominance over all the 12 year-olds on the interwebs, shogunson has been taking on all levels of players in NCAA Football '11.  A few weeks ago, he managed to get a match with the 2nd-ranked player in the world on Playstation Network.  After a great game, shogunson won.  Friend requests were exchanged and accepted.  Cool story, right?  Actually the best part came yesterday.  They held a rematch, and near the end of the game, with victory for shogunson almost assured, Pr0fess0rsea6592 pulled one of the biggest bitch moves ever.  For a detailed explanation, I direct you here:

You can't lose your rank if you never lose, right?

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