Monday, March 12, 2012

Kony 2012 Reaction

Set up:
I have not yet actually seen the Kony 2012 video until tonight.  I tried to watch the first 5 minutes, but got annoyed and stopped.  I am now going to watch the entire thing in 10 minute installments, while simultaneously righting my immediate thoughts on the video here.  So my comments will be entirely reactionary.   This should be fun.  I'll post an actual in-depth reflection next.  So without further ado...

Installment one:
Its the earth at night.  woo.  I feel like thats a gross generalization of what all humans want.  So, we have internet now, and we can look at youtube.  I'm assuming that this is heading somewhere in the direction of how powerful internet activism is, but I'm yet failing to see who Kony is what the hell is supposed to be going on.  Yay birth video!  Except, not every human starts that way, a whole lot aren't born in first-world hospitals.  Yes, yes, your kid is adorable.  Where is this going?  That just sounded like the most guilty white liberal thing ever.  "I have a black friend".  Ok, to the meat of things, we're finally in Africa.  Enter depressing shots of Africa.  "if this happened in America it would be on the cover of Newsweek" No shit Sherlock.  That's because people like you don't care about the rest of the world til you're there.  But moving on....Yes, now that you finally realize there's a problem, it is now your personal mission to save Africa? right.   So your goal is to use your group to stop the LRA and Kony in one year, when multiple countries and armies have failed to do so over the last 15 or so years? Good luck with that Superman.  So now adorable shot of you explaining to your son who the "bad guys" are.  Really effect measuring stick, considering children pretty much automatically believe everything their parents tell them til they hit 11.

Part Two:
Pretty sure one of those messed up faces was just a cleft pallet (thanks go to Andie for that insight, I wouldn't have noticed, which I'm sure in the point).  So Kony is like every other power hungry guy.  Ooo the ICC.  Everyone's favorite court.  Unless you're African.  So we just have to stop him, then we can make everything ok?  I'm sure that'll work.  Oh, the US government won't get involved in an issue that really has nothing to do with it or its citizens?  We should actually be impressed at that instead of pissed.  Of course they won't do anything, its not really their problem.  People don't care what I have to say? To the internet then!  (to be fair though, that might be the reason I have this blog anyway, but moving on...).  I remember the first time I got likes on a facebook page. There, you've finally got to something useful.  Build schools, yes.  Create jobs, yes.  That's what you should be doing.  That actually helps people.  inspirational montage time!  John Kerry cameo!  So your activism got Obama to send military advisers to help Uganda stop the LRA, ok.  Because obviously American soldiers are going to be able to succeed where African soldiers have failed countless times.

Part Three:
OOO look, the white soldier is showing the black soldiers what to do!  Yes Hitler reference. In case anyone was wondering, everyone indicted ever by the ICC has been African.  In order for this to work, we all need to buy merchandise.  So for the Ugandan army to be successful, every 16 year old girl on facebook needs to know who Kony is.  cause that'll help.  Buy shit! buy shit! buy shit!  If you buy merchandise, you too can stop a bad guy.  This may be one of the most arrogant things I've ever heard in my entire life.  Oh, here's the 3 things I can do.  They are: 1) type my name. 2) give money. 3) give more money.  Now, I'm not an expert by any means, but somehow I don't think posters and bracelets are going to stop or save anyone.  Oh, its over.  good. On the overall, I have to say there were about 30 seconds of useful things in this video.  I'm done, and further ranting/actually factual and insightful analysis will come in the following post.

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